The best fully equipped lab in the world, with the best people.

Established for over 15 years,
our dedicated film and post production facility services clients
within the motion picture and television industries.

Our mission is to deliver a high quality, reliable film processing service and provide enhanced digital solutions that ensure Cinelab Romania is known as the
filmmakers’ partner regardless of their choice of acquisition or delivery format. We are constantly developing services to meet the needs of content owners, as well as
creators. At the heart of our business, we offer choice and are committed to ensuring Romanian and worldwide filmmakers are able to confidently choose film
knowing there is a first class lab in London able to support them without compromise.

Cinelab Romania is part of the Cinelab International Group that has labs located in UK, Romania and Greece, offering a European-wide, high quality, reliable film
service. As a group we are investing heavily to enhance the film and digital solutions offered to the Film & TV community.